At Sieve, we’re building collaborative tools that enable software teams to ship video and audio AI products faster.

Over time, we plan to build tooling that every software team collaborates on as they build AI applications. Every person on a team from a developer, to a designer and a PM should be able to comfortably work together on prototyping, experimenting with, and deploying these applications to their users. We’re intentionally starting with a more focused market segment (video and audio platforms), and plan to expand from there.

A lot of our product philosophy came from the core insight that while there’s ton of open-source models out there and running them is messy / difficult, most teams don’t even know which models to use in the first place. Single models rarely solve entire problems and the real magic of ML comes from the extra logic and tinkering done to make something actually work. We felt this meant redesigning a collaborative experience from the ground up that includes:

Being a part of our early team, you’ll get the chance to shape:

As an early engineer, you’ll get to: